Friday, August 3, 2012

a year in review just for about that!

So I totally sucked it up this year with trying to keep this thing going.  I was doing pretty good for a while and then had the most challenging teaching year ever--plus two kids and lots of other everyday stuff that kept me from catching up.  So lets just call this a year in review.  I love bullets, so this will make me feel better me being the worst blogger ever!  
Warning:  picture overload...sorry.

So, let's take it back...waaaayyyy back to last August 2011...which was the first day of school. 
  • Ava was really excited to start Kindergarten.  She was supposed to have a really sweet teacher that has been a Kinder teacher forever, but she had a heart transplant and instead Ava had a wonderful new teacher that Ava completely adored. It was so much fun seeing her in the hallways and passing by her table at lunch everyday...I'm really going to miss that this year-another story on that later though. 
  • Adam began school in a different way.  He wasn't sure that he wanted to go, and when he got there definitely didn't want to stay.  The good thing about this was that I was a few minutes away from his classroom.  It was awesome to be able to call and check on him  I did make the mistake once, okay 3 times, of going to check on him to be sure he was okay.  Well, if you are a teacher, you know how that went: Child sees mom, lots of hugs, child is happy, mom is happy.  3 minutes later: hugs goodbye, child cries, mom feels horrible, child screams "mommy don't leave me here", mom feels like the worst mom in the world, child continues to cry, mom feels horrible as she walks out the door back to her own classroom almost in tears.  5 minutes later: Teacher calls and ensures mom that her child stopped crying within a minute of her leaving...sigh of relief.  But that was just the beginning of the year.  Everything else was much better.  Ava had a great year and Adam learned a lot about time outs in an area other than home...poor stubborn little boy.  He really did have fun and learned so much this year though!

Early on their first day of school 2011

Ava's first morning in Kindergarten
Adam's first day of school ever-PPCD 2011-2012
Are you really going to leave me here?

So our August and September was all about getting a routine down and allowing us all to settle into the new school year. Oh, so much fun!

We had a leopard and a pirate and had lots of fun trick-or-treating with friends.

Ava lost her first tooth.  The tooth fairy was not prepared and had to do a quick piggy bank raid.  R decided to give her $5 for her first and second tooth...what!?!  Good thing she hasn't lost any more since then. 

Here's my tooth! So excited for the tooth
fairy to come visit!
Toothless smile.  

  • Lots of shopping, cookie making, and fun had by all.
  • Our Elf on the Shelf, Buddy, made his first appearance in the Vasquez house this year.  The kids were blown away by him and by all the mischief he got into.  Lots of fun!
Buddy's debut

So the rule with Buddy is that you cannot touch him or he can't return the next day.  The kids were really into this.  And, just to be safe, Buddy usually ended up in places where they really couldn't get to him.  On his last night, Christmas Eve Eve, he painted the kids' noses and Santa wrote them a letter saying that since they were so good with Buddy that he would allow them to hug him on his last day in our house until next year.  
Buddy and Adam

Buddy and Ava

Their Christmas Eve morning message from
Buddy and Santa

Ava and Buddy

Adam and Buddy

Ava with Buddy and Santa's letter

  • Adam took lots of field trips during this time to get ready for the season.
  • Christmas!!! I love Christmas, and even thought it's July and 100 degrees outside, I cannot wait for that time of the year again.  I knew that I would find something good out of this mess of a blog year recap!
I honestly have no idea what we did in let's just move on.

  • Ava saw snow flurries on Feb 12th.  I swear it was there, like 5 little snowflakes, but she insisted on going out to "play in the snow".

  • Adam had a major role in his very first theatrical performance.  Well, he played The Dreaming Child in "The Napping House".  It was very cute.  His whole class of 2-4 year olds did great. 

  • We also took our first trip to the circus.  They had so much fun. I was worried that my fear of clowns would affect them, but apparently I'm the only person in the family who is completely terrified of them.  All in all it was a good time.

"Mom, come take a picture with us!"


  • Rodeo time...yeehaw!  Actually, we don't really go to the rodeo. We just hang out at the ever-so-germy petting zoo, and then ride the awesome under 42' rides at the carnival.  You're jealous...I understand!

 Nonna and Ava on the pony.

She is so excited to ride these "baby rides".

"Mommy, I'm really driving the boat!"

  • Then we took another trip out to the Natural Bridge Safari.  Adam is older now, so he really enjoyed seeing all the animals-especially the zebras :)

Checking out all the animals

Feeding the zebra before Adam freaked out.
*We had video that unfortunately will not upload.
It was the most hilarious thing ever.  Zebra comes into
the car, and Adam is screaming and climbing around
to get away from him.  Quite the sight to see!*

Ava-Our driver and tour guide

Adam turned 3!  He is no longer a baby/toddler and I hoped he would resign from the Terrible Two club, but no such luck.  A lady we met a couple weeks ago asked if he was two or three.  She smiled, tilted her head and sighed, "Oh I remember that with my boys...the Trying Threes."  Wth...seriously, I have never heard of that, but thanks so much lady for ruining it for me.  I thought we were almost done!
Good Morning...I'm 3!  (Don't judge...Yes, he is

still in a crib. If he was your child, you wouldn't 
want him roaming around the house at night either.)

Papa Jack, Adam, & Nunny at dinner

Check out this Birthday Brownie Sundae
He was amazed!

Taking the first bite

Dig in!  

Wow...Ava's big bite!


  • Track and Field.  The best school day of the year!

So fast!

Go Ava!

  • Ava turned 6!  What?!?  Yes, that would be more than five which totally blew my mind.  She is so funny, and smart, and we just love her to pieces! She had an awesome party at the Children's Museum with lots of her little friends.  (and i have no idea where those pictures are...grrrr)

  • Ava graduates from Kindergarten progresses on to first grade.  This was such a disappointment to me.  Every year they do the cap and gown with pictures and this year decide that you only graduate once, and that is from high school.  Totally get that, but also felt a little cheated that she didn't get to experience that super exciting moment.  Oh well.  Rant over.
Ava and her wonderful teacher, Mrs. B

And now my friends, we are almost caught up. I know you have been anxiously awaiting this.  So, you're welcome!  And hopefully I will have more to come soon.